Why Consider A Covenant Church?

How Can Our Church Make a Difference in Your Life?

What is a Covenant Church?

You are not alone if you haven’t heard of us. There are only twenty-seven Evangelical Covenant Churches in Florida. Although we are new to Florida, we are part of a worldwide denomination that is well over 100 years old, with churches all over the United States, Canada, South America, Asia, and Africa.

What is your Worship like?

Since the Scripture is central to our faith, the sermon is always based on the Bible. Also, we enjoy having the entire congregation sing and we use both the great old hymns, as well as some lighter more contemporary praise music.

What about the Bible?

We believe the Bible is the Word of God, from which all our understanding about God, and ourselves as His Creation, is derived. Therefore, all our teaching and preaching is Bible-centered, in order that we can grow together in both the knowledge and grace of our Lord, committed to each other as a loving family.

Are you a Charismatic Church?

Before this can be answered, let’s define the term “charismatic”. Today, “charismatic” seems to mean speaking in tongues, practicing faith healing, and public prophesy in the worship service for all to see. Based on this definition, we are not “charismatic”.

The sadness of this modern definition is that excludes some of the greater and more beautiful gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as teaching, service, mercy, shepherding, and many others.

So, to answer the truer question, “Do you believe that the Holy Spirit grants to all believers abilities and talents to use within the body as a vital member of the family?” The answer to this question is “Yes”.

What are your Beliefs?

Our beliefs are basic to Christianity. The Bible is the Word of God; God is our Father and Creator of all things. Jesus Christ is His Risen Son, our Savior, and Lord, through whom we are given eternal life.

We, also believe in His Holy Spirit which dwells within and around us, which enables us to live in faith and fellowship with one another and view each person as vitally important to the Lord and His Church.

What is the Congregation like?

The people of First Covenant Church of Winter Park are a marvelous mix of all kinds of people. There are people from all walks of life and every age group. We have roughly 150 members with many being new Christians.

What activities & events are offered?

First Covenant Church of Winter Park offers a wide range of activities and events for the single person or the entire family. These include Sunday School, bible studies, children’s church, women’s group’s service and mission opportunities, men’s activities, prayer groups, activities for children and youth, and many fun fellowship events including holiday celebrations, church cookoffs, water slides, bingo, spaghetti dinners, crafts, games and many more. Join us for faith-building, fun, and fellowship!

What about Rules and Disciplines?

We realize God’s Word speaks to each of us individually. The Covenant Church centers its efforts on helping the members of the body learn about and develop a “personal” relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is in God’s Spirit, that each individual will discover and joyfully live within God’s perfect plan for their life.

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